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The Original Digger Dog Nail File

Are you one of the many dog owners struggling to trim your dog’s front nails?

The DiggerDog Nail File is a unique nail-trimming device that makes the trimming of a dog’s more problematic front nails easy and fun for both the dog and the owner. Its major difference from other traditional nail trimming devices is that the dog trims its own nails, instead of being subjected to the often-stressful procedure.

How it works is simple: the owner places a treat inside the food compartment.  The dog quickly gets the idea and digs on the special abrasive surface to get at the treat. A repeat of this simple action is all it takes to file the dog’s nails. The dog will soon understand ‘the game’ and be eager to participate. Nail trimming will now change from a stressful task to a fun game which you and your dog will look forward to.

An Australian Invention – made in the Bayside suburb of Highett.

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