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Humane Dog Walking + Training

Hello Pup provides dog walking, training, and animal care services across the southeast of

We use positive, evidence-based training methodology that considers and works with the emotions
and motivations underlying dog behaviour. This allows us to provide effective and ethical training
solutions for dog guardians.

In short: We determine the why of your dog’s behaviour, then provide you with the how, when and
where to address it so you and your dog can live a happy, harmonious life together.

Dog trainer Hannah has a background in animal rescue and years of experience working in shelters,
so you can rest assured that your pet’s well-being is paramount in all of Hello Pup’s services.

Hannah’s education includes a Certificate IV in Animal Training and Behaviour, as well as numerous
workshops and seminars attended to ensure her methods evolve in alignment with the body of
scientific research on animal behaviour.


  • Group and solo dog walks/pet care visits: Tuesday to Friday (+ ad hoc for holidaying clients)

  • Puppy School on Monday nights in Elwood (5-week course)

  • Private training consultations

You can contact me via


M: 0493 436 471






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