Additional Animal Therapies

Here are some amazing local businesses who service the area of Bayside and its surrounds.

This site is to help you make an informed choice. Bayside Dog Owners Group can NOT be held responsible for any actions of any of the businesses here.

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Canine Bowen Therapy

The Bowenist, Canine Bowen Therapy was born out of a lifelong intuitive connection and love of all animals, and a passion for holistic therapies.


The Bowenist strives to enhance and remedy the health, injury and overall wellbeing of your beloved family member - your dog! 


Bowen Therapy is responsive to but not limited to;


All muscular, tendon, ligament, fascia/connective tissue problems


-restricted range of movement 

-gait abnormalities/alignment 

-chronic and acute injury 

-behavioural problems relating to pain, stress or emotional origin

-TMJ and Jaw problems

-digestive disorders 

-skin & hormone problems

-urinary system issues

-arthritis and age related complaints

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Holistic Wellness + Rehabilitation

My name is Dr Jennifer Robinson, I am a qualified veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist. (IVAS) offering veterinary acupuncture, geriatric and palliative care to canine (and feline) patients. 

Acupuncture is a great complementary treatment option for many conditions, like osteoarthritis, geriatric problems, muscle injuries, behaviour problems and many more. 

For geriatric and terminally ill patients, I offer individual pain management plans, home care advice and gentle end of life guidance for the owners and their families (which can be arranged on home visits for very sick/immobile patients).


For existing patients, I also offer home euthanasia. 


I practice locally in Gardenvale at The Dog Wellness Centre, Elwood  at Elwood Vet, Highett  at Dogs in Motion and Somerville at Aquapaws on different days of the week and for those working day time hours, I have appointments available on Monday nights and Saturday afternoons at The Dog Wellness Centre, Gardenvale. 

See the links below for more information about canine acupuncture, myself and to book online


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Holistic Wellness + Rehabilitation

The Dog Wellness Centre is a holistic centre for musculoskeletal care (bones, joints and muscles) in Bayside.


We have a purpose built modern, inspiring and uplifting space where we offer specialist care for your canine companions.


Whether the issue is from pain, surgery or a health condition - we are here to help improve your dogs quality of life. We want your pet to live their best life by your side and we are here to help you along the way.

We deliver a range of health and wellness services to treat a variety of conditions and injuries.

Services include: Canine Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) Physio, MSc Animal Manips. Hydrotherapy Senior pet care Post op rehabilitation Strength and conditioning (Performance dogs)

Canine Physiotherapy is now more widely accepted than ever by the veterinary profession. We work closely with vets in order to obtain the best functional outcome for your dog.

So if you think your dog is in pain or if they are struggling with everyday activities, let us help you optimise their wellness.


We offer a professional, friendly, high quality and affordable service. Our aim is to bring happiness and ease of movement to every dog we see at the centre.

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Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique For Animals

My name is Helen and I am passionate about helping animals feel better, with less pain and to heal from injury safely and naturally using a combination of Holistic Modalities; Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique. 

These therapies significantly improve the quality of life and comfort in senior pets and are also beneficial for growing puppies and active dogs that knock themselves around.


The treatments are tailored to suit the needs of each individual animal and are very gentle, non invasive and not rushed, allowing them to safely be used to help dogs during all stages of life – from puppies through to injured dogs, for post surgery recovery and our beautiful golden oldies. 


I’ve been thrilled to see so many senior dogs gain a new lease on life with the resulting gift of more quality time to spend with their families as a result.


Bowen and Emmett help to release tension and bring about a natural re-balancing of the body with the goal of easing muscle and joint problems, increasing flexibility and mobility, calming anxiety and can also boost the body’s immune system and improve general health and well being! 


We are located in Rosebud on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


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