Week 1


Owner: Kate
Samoyed/Golden Retriever aka Samriever aka Golden Sammy aka Retoyed
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Wishart Reserve, Sandringham Dog Beach, Royal Avenue + RJ Sillitoe Reserve


Finn came into our lives about 6 years ago on Valentine's Day. He was rehomed at the age of 9 months from a family whose circumstances had changed and they really wanted him to have a good life.


He does. He brings a smile to so many faces every day. He is a Delta Therapy Dog and loves to share his time with the elderly residents. In the slideshow below, he is comforting our Uncle Bruno. It is one of my very favourite photos.

He is very patient with everyone. He can do many tricks from counting to opening up doors. He is what we call a people pleaser. Always looking to have a good time but also likes to do the right thing.

He doesn't like loud noises like thunder, trucks, nail guns and gets very anxious. He gets to wear his Thundershirt during storms.


He LOVES swimming, eating, swimming, going in the car, swimming, playing, swimming, sleeping, swimming, walks, swimming and oh, swimming!