Week 15


Owner: Georgie
Breed:   Pitbull x Staffy
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Gidget's Beach, Aspendale Beach, Sandy Dog Beach and SHQ Kiosk

Tobey is a beautiful deaf pitbull x staffy.


He is almost 15yrs old but still acts like a puppy. He loves life!


The beach is his happy place. He loves rolling in sand & grass.


He's very protective over small animals (chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs etc) doesn't like to get his paws wet and is very sensitive about his ears.


But he loves a good bum scratch! He also loves to get out and about, regularly hiking, swimming, exploring but also likes to laze around the house and sleep.


He is a big smoochy-pants who loves people, especially his grandma and he's obsessed with food.


He's been my best friend for over 14yrs and I love him with all my heart.