Dog of the Week


Owner: Jess
Breed:   Bullmastiff
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Hampton Beach, Wishart Reserve + Trevor Barker Oval helping the footy players train!

Frankie is a one year old female bulmastiff. Although she may not look like it, she is still a puppy with a fair bit of growing left. Frankie is a people person and will stop to say hi to just about anyone who looks at her. She loves sitting in the middle of the footpath outside cafes waiting to get attention.


One of Frankie's favourite places is the beach. She loves playing with anyone that is willing. She also assists the Sandringham Zebras at their training sessions.


Frankie's love of food often gets her into trouble as she will do just about anything for a nibble. But, be warned though, eating or drinking in front of her causes her to drool.


People often cross the street to avoid her, but she is a sweetie pie who gets upset when people avoid or ignore her. 


Frankie is still a pup with a big heart. If you see her on the street and say hello her tail will instantly start wagging as she says hello back and asks for love in return.