Dog of the Week


TS Gr Ch. Dual Ch (T) Fyreside Double Or Nothing (AI) CD RAE2 NRA ET

(Otherwise known as Evie)

Owner: Marg
Breed:   Weimaraner
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Evie loves having coffee in Hampton Street, playing in any park and doing Obedience at Bricker Reserve in Moorabbin. She also loves car rides and going to beach. Otherwise she will be found laying on the lounge suite or on the bed sound asleep.

Evie’s full name is Track and Search Grand Champion, Dual Champion (Tracking) Fyreside Double Or Nothing (AI) Companion Dog, Rally Advanced Excellent x2 Novice Retrieving Dog and Endurance Test.

Weimaraners are active dogs and not the dog for everyone. They are extremely intelligent and need a plenty of stimulation. It’s either you train them or they train you! They see themselves as part of the family and believe they are human. It’s like having a three year old in your house, they always want to know what you are up to and where you are going.

Evie is my 7 ½ year old versatile Weimaraner. She was recently awarded Top Performance Dog for Weimaraners at the 6th Australian Weimaraner National which was held at Skye, Victoria on the 12-14th May this year.


After a successful show career, Evie retired from the ring and took up dog sports. This has shown her true versatility as a gundog, but also her ability to learn different skills. She regularly competes in at least five disciplines during the year and often three different ones on any given weekend.

Over the last two and half years she has gained 16 titles in seven different disciplines of dog sports.


They are as follows:

Showing – Australian Champion

Obedience – Community Companion Dog, Companion Dog

Rally Obedience - Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Rally Advanced Excellent x2

Tracking -  Tracking Dog, Tracking Dog Excellent, Tracking Champion

Track and Search – Track and Search Dog, Track and Search Dog Excellent, Track and Search

Champion, Track and Search Grand Champion

Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs – Novice Retrieving Ability

Endurance – Endurance Test


Evie is presently working on another three titles so hopefully she will have a few more before long.


Evie is a gentle, loving soul and a great companion. She gives 100% in every thing she undertakes and never disappoints Evie loves to go swimming and for runs in the park otherwise she is curled up on the couch snoozing away beside me.