Dog of the Week


Owner: Kiara

Owner: Marg
Breed:   Weimaraner
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
RJ Sillitoe Reserve
English Setter

Meet Albert (more commonly known as Alby) he's just 4 months old and already a huge part of my life.

I grew up with many dogs and pets as a kid, but he the first dog that's just mine.

I came to know of Alby when he was just 5 days old, I was ecstatic, I had adored the breed since I was just 10 years old. And the time was finally right for me to add someone to the family.

I thought a dog would really benefit my mental health, as it has been something I've struggled with for many years. That's how Alby and I found each other, and it's been great since!

He is so intelligent and also dumb as the same time, he is such a mummies boy which is exactly what I wanted from a dog. He follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. He is immensely friendly to all dogs, humans and other animals.

He loves his food which makes training him and keeping him entertained a breeze and he pretty much nailed toilet training within the first week of coming home! (Touch wood). 

We go to the dog park at least every second day and he comes with me almost everywhere in the car. I love him more and more each day and am so excited to see us both grow!