Dog of the Week


Owner: Buffy

Owner: Marg
Breed:   Weimaraner
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Gidgets beach, or anywhere with hoomans for pats and sticks to chew

Jasper is a working line Labrador - all of his brothers and sisters are with Australian Customs becoming sniffer dogs. Jasper, on the other hand, is being trained as an assistance dog.

He currently loves to spend his days playing with other dogs, eating, attempting to make friends with the resident cats, eating, laying across my throats for cuddles, eating, and generally being a happy go lucky puppy.

We call him piggy as he's constantly getting into things and trying to eat them (typical!) and while he does he makes little pig sounding snort noises. Haha!

Jasper comes with me almost anywhere - medical appointments, shopping, restaurants, wherever I need to go - he's not perfect with his obedience, but he's constantly getting better with learning that his vest means he's working, and can't go play with all of the people.

Jasper is currently focusing on his basic obedience before he moves to assistance tasks. However, when he has completed his training he will be able to retrieve dropped items, carry bags, press buttons, provide bracing/stability, lead to exits in difficult situations, remind me to take medication, and alert to specific variances in my health.

Everyone comments on how calm and well behaved he is for his age, and I have to say, getting through 5 months without any damage to household items, knocking anyone over or generally causing a ruckus is pretty great.

Jasper loves his downtime - sleeping on the bed on Sunday mornings, going to doggie meet ups at the beach, pinching vegetables from the veggie patch, investigating cat behaviour, and just laying about in the sun with a good bone. While he lives a life with a lot of strict work time, he always has just as much, if not more, in doggie downtime.

He's a very special boy, one with what feels like a gentle understanding of why he's with me. I'm very grateful for the daily laughs, gentle (but heavy) naps on my chest and his constant endeavour to help me as much as he can.