Dog of the Week


Owner: Nat

Owner: Marg
Breed:   Weimaraner
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Brighton Dog Beach 
French Bulldog


Hi, I'm Margaux. I'm a Frenchie; hence, French way of spelling my name. 


Beaches bring out my smile. The smell of that yucky seaweed as my mumma put it is heaven to me. I'm absolutely crazy about fetching ball & frisbee and hanging with my fur-riends on the beach, swimming, or running around showing off my tennis ball or someone else's ball that I stole from.


I love being with my hoomans, going to cafes, shopping, art show opening & shopping with mumma, helping out my uncle at his antiques shop or simply being part of the pack on a couch watching movies and sharing a bowl of pupcorn. 



I'm a shop dog by day, antiques dealer apprentice, and a fur baby by default. As an only child, I'm spoilt and enjoy fine things in life like good cheeses, fresh oysters, scallops, sardines, salmon, you name it. In short, I'm a bat pig. I eat just about anything really. I have to say my favourite is possum poop.



I'm also called Darth Vader with all the different noise I make. I love music. My hoomans reckon I'm quite talented. Every now and then, I try my hand at composing a symphony and show it off to my hoomans, just give me any squeaky balls and I'll show you.


Lastly, I'm all for recycling. I'm very good at shredding papers and crunching those plastic bottles in our mini recycling container in my past time. Too bad, I can't do much about those wine bottles except chewing corks.