Dog of the Week


Owner: Lucy

Owner: Marg
Breed:   Weimaraner
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Dalgetty Rd Beach, Beaumaris (also known as Gidget's Beach) 
Golden Retriever

Mack is pure delight ! He came into the world when I didn't think I was ready for another dog after the loss of my 14 year old girl, Ruby.

My friend from High School, who had a much sought after litter of puppies, called me and said "I've chosen a puppy for you and it's a boy"......without another word from either of us, I was ready !

This boy has just slipped into my life as though he was always meant to be here. He's smart, inquisitive, very handsome, keen to please, hilarious and very very smoochy 😊

He has the run of the house and has proven to be very trustworthy. Although he does delight in digging canyon sized holes 😆

He also loves to sit out the front of the office and "people watch" on weekends.

Every day I get to see more of Mack's beautiful soul ❤️