Week 2

Daisy + Alfie

Owner: Anita
Daisy is a Cavoodle (Cavalier x Poodle) + Alfie is an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Favourite Places in Bayside: Wishart Reserve + RJ Sillitoe Reserve


We got Daisy, a black Cavoodle (who is now grey) from what was probably a backyard breeder but we didn't know it at the time.

She turned 6 on May the 9th. She house trained very quickly and her recall is excellent and she loves to please. She can't walk long distances as she has wonky knees and needed a couple of operations when she was a year old.


She hides under the bed if she considers she has had enough walking. She also hides under the bed if she is in pain, after a haircut or after she has been to the vet. When we walk at the park, she likes to do the walk and then go home. She doesn't like it if I stand still and talk.

Alfie turns 4 on May the 12th. He terrorised Daisy when he joined us, he worried her constantly - chewing her ears, stealing her toys and her food. She could escape in the beginning by getting up on the sofa until he learnt how to jump up. He doesn't understand or respect personal space and if decides he wants to sit or lie somewhere, he just does. Then he looks surprised when the bump under him growls! 

They have to be fed separately as Daisy likes to graze and Alfie likes to inhale his and then eat hers! Alfie is the antithesis of Daisy. He is energetic. He likes to walk. To jump. To run. He took a lot longer to housetrain and I worried about his recall. I still do.

He protects our house from a multitude of cats and possums who taunt him. He will chase a ball but not bring it back. He loves to go in the car and stands between the two front seats licking our ears in excitement!

Both of them love to eat a bone, chicken wing or bully stick. They love people and are not afraid of thunder. They sleep in each others beds and very occasionally cuddle with each other and they both hate a bath. 

Daisy is Alfie's wingman and alerts him to invading cats and then moves out of the way so he can protect us all.

Love them both very much.