Week 11


Owners: Adrienne
Breed: Labrador
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Sandringham Dog Beach

Abi loves going anywhere, she often spends her weekends at Sandringham soccer, usually Holloway road…but if mumma says the day is all about her she can’t go past Sandringham dog beach.  There’s so much to roll around in, sniff and and eat!!  The doggos are an added bonus.​

Abi is a Gunnerson Lab who is turning 7 in August.  She’s the absolute light of the whole family…the favourite in fact, happily admitted by her hooman mum and dad.  


Her two brothers absolutely love her and she scores 100% as the family’s first fur family member.


She is a bit of a talker and has her eyes on mumma all the time…so when mumma comes back out from the supermarket or cafe, Abi thinks it’s her duty to express her gratitude that she ever came back!!

She’s a lover not a fighter….so much so that she’s been known to embarrassingly lay down to a 3 month old puppy.  Bless her.

She’s also a Lort Smith volunteer and visits Yarraman nursing home every fortnight.  They love her.