Week 12


Owner: Julieta
Breed: Scottish Terrier
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Walking around our block and Aspendale Beach

George is 13 years old and he's had a very interesting life.


He immigrated over from South Africa in 2015. He hadn't seen us for 6 months and gone from kennel to kennel to quarantine for 10 days in Sydney then flew over to us in Melbourne. 

He shared his home with his sweet friend Molly who sadly passed away in December 2016 at the age of 12 Years. He misses her but loving all the attention he gets these days. 


He's recently had two tumours removed from his liver so taking life day by day. He has recovered so well from his major op. He's our little fighter. 


He looks forward to his daily walks, if we could call them walks, as he insists in peeing on everything he thinks needs his scent. He enjoys walking around our block, the wetlands or the beach. 

He gets excited to see other dogs but cautious and loves a pat from humans, specially an ear rub. 

He has a cat neighbour who visits regularly which keeps him on his paws. Giving each other staring competition.


He enjoys playing with a ball but only with mom and dad, when his puppy self pops up.


He loves to sleep by a sunny spot. 

He also likes shopping at Bunnings, he's quite the regular at Mentone.