Week 14


Owner: Cristina
Breed: Maltese x Toy Poodle (aka Moodle)
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Halifax Street Dog Park

Chicca is a 1.5 year old Moodle who can go from being snuggled up with her favourite blanket, to playing fetch in 2 seconds flat! Chicca is a clever (and cheeky) puppy who knows exactly what she wants and how to manipulate her humans in order to get it…no one can resist her little face.


Chicca loves going for long walks down to the beach and always makes sure to stop in for a treat (or 3) at Martin Street Cafe & Providore. Even after an exhausting walk, Chicca always finishes off with a few laps sprinting around her front yard just to make sure she has used up all her energy! Chicca’s second home is the Halifax St dog park which she frequents multiple times a week with her boyfriend Franklyn Lamont (cavalier) and her best friend Darci Thomas (pug). 


Chicca loves sleeping, so much so that she even refuses to get out of bed most mornings! Chicca especially loves to sleep cuddled up on someone’s lap…anyone’s lap for the matter! The way to Chicca’s heart is definitely through cuddles and belly rubs! Ham and cheese toastie scraps will get you straight in to Chicca’s good books too!


Chicca adores her family. She knows when someone goes out and then sits patiently watching the front door waiting for them to return home. The second Chicca hears the front door open, she jumps up to welcome her family members home. Despite her small stature, Chicca is a true guard dog. She tries her best to scare off intruders (the gardener, the post man, innocent locals walking past her house etc) however her little bark comes across more cute than terrifying!


Chicca loves kids, adults and big dogs (she’s not too sure how to pick her battles) so if you see her around the streets of Bayside, don’t hesitate to say Hi and have a cuddle!