Week 4

Lolly Rocket

Owner: Amelia
Mixed breed but guesses have included Kelpie/Ridgeback, Kelpie/Staffy, Staffy/Mastiff but with even some 'roo!
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Running on the Bayside Trails, Sandringham Dog Beach, Dendy Park, Castlefield Reserve + Hampton St for Coffee


We welcomed Lolly in January 2015. We had just returned from 6 months of camping around Australia and I really wanted something to make coming home exciting. I grew up with dogs, and at 5 and 7, thought our kids were ready to have a dog to love and to give lobe. I started looking on Pet Rescue once we hit Victoria!

We applied for a couple of dogs but were not successful. I made contact directly with Starting Over Dog Rescue and the coordinator thought she had a match for us. A 9 month old, medium, shorthair mixed breed girl had just come into foster care in Mount Eliza. When she was rescued, she was 24hrs away from being put to sleep in a NSW rural pound. They sent us some photos and we went to meet her. She was gorgeous - bubbly, busy and happy. We fell in love!

When we adopted her, she was 17kgs and her foster mum thought that whilst she may fill out a bit more, she was nearly fully grown. She is now 32kgs of pure love!

We call Lolly the dog you can't love too much. She follows me everywhere, watching me in the bathroom, putting the washing on, making dinner and mowing the lawn. Her favourite thing is to burst into the bedroom and find someone still in bed for a sneaky cuddle. She loves to get out and about with us, coming on holidays, day trips and walks to the shops. But her favourite thing in the world is Runday Sunday when we hit the Bayside beach trails for a morning run and follow with a coffee on Hampton St.

She has been a work in progress and until she turned 2, left a trail of destruction. She destroyed numerous beds, ate our outdoor furniture, umbrella, kids toys (they soon learnt to tidy up), new clothes, shoes, socks, leg of the couch....and finally....the new trampoline. She must have heard me in desperation on the phone to our wonderful dog trainer, Billy, because after the trampoline....it just stopped!

Unconditional love is a two way street, and at night, when she snuggles on top of me on the couch, all is forgiven. She is the best dog in the world!

Rescue dogs may take a lot of extra miles to get to where they are, but I really think they know when they have landed on their paws.