Week 5


Owner: Corey
Golden Retriever x Keeshond
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Wishart Reserve, Sandringham Dog Beach, RJ Sillitoe Reserve + the many cafes around Hampton, Highett + Brighton

Layla came into my life as an 11 week old puppy at Easter, 2009. Despite her youthful looks and energy, she is, in fact, 8 years old. Layla is such an important part of my life as she has been with me through thick and thin.


She is the epitome of a velcro dog. Unfortunately, this lead to some serious separation anxiety and Layla has been known to escape even the most secure of yards. This has involved many sleepless nights, RSPCA bailouts, vet bills and fence repairs. Thankfully, it is now under control. I even bought a webcam to keep an eye on her whilst I'm at work!

Her gentle nature surprises everyone. She is great around kids and absolutely laps up the attention when people want to pat her whilst we're out on walks or at a cafe. Her coat is irresistible to touch because it is so soft and fluffy. Mind you, it also holds a lot of water so if Layla is ever caught in the rain, she loves getting a blow dry. Sometimes I think she avoids using her kennel when it's raining purely so she can get a blow dry!

Despite her gentle nature, Layla likes to think she is tough. She loves to bark at anybody who dares to ring the doorbell or walks past the house while she's hanging with me in the front yard. She is useless when it comes to fetching balls or sticks and while she loves to have a sniff of other dogs at the park, she is also quite happy to pretend like they don't exist. She also has the ability to walk on her back legs for quite sometime but this is generally only when food is involved!

Layla has slowly gone from sleeping outside, to sleeping in the kitchen, to sleeping outside the bedroom and these days, she sleeps on the floor at the end of the bed. Every now and then, on a cold night, you'll wake up and she will be curled up in a ball ON the end of the bed! It's hard to tell her off because she is so cute.

If you ever see us walking around Bayside, feel free to come and say hello!