Week 6


Owner: Carolyn
Miniature Schnauzer
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Dendy Park

Saffy is a seven year old miniature schnauzer whose primary preoccupation day to day is to consume every piece of food she encounters. To say Saffy has a favourite food would be a misleading - she loves all food equally, although she thoroughly disapproves of dental chews.

Saffy’s favourite place in the world to be is Dendy park. Her life’s ambition is to one day have peed on every tree in Dendy and then stop all other dogs from coming in and interfering. Though it is not her favourite, Saffy does have a soft spot for the beach. Not the strongest of swimmers she is nevertheless quite good at fishing out stones and shells her humans toss onto the foreshore.

Saffy is very devoted to her humans. She has her favourite (Carolyn) but loves them all. Saffy’s favourite game to play with them is tug. She enjoys intimidating her opponents with her fearsome growl as she wrenches the tug toy away, sometimes for eventual dismemberment, but mostly to proudly parade her triumph.

Though nobody would call her a genius, in her seven years Saffy has managed to master all basic commands as well as knowing how to roll over, play dead, crawl, dance, speak, shush and high five. She will perform these tricks on command, so long as it’s on carpet, there is a reward, nobody is looking at her, and, if she feels like it.

Saffy, above all, is a Good Dog. She is very proud of this fact. When she came to her human family at nine months she was what some might call a ‘not-so-good’ dog. But after six years of hard work she is the best dog her humans could hope for and they wouldn’t do without her.