Week 8

Kayla, Kleo + Kenzi

Owner: Lisa
Kayla is a Standard Poodle and Kleo + Kenzi are Belgian Shepherds
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Rickett's Point and Hampton Beach

My three girls are Kayla who is a 12 year old Standard Poodle, Kleo who is a 6 year old Belgian Shepherd Groenendael ( the black dog in the photo above) and Kenzi is a 3 year old Belgian Shepherd Tervueren.


Kayla spends most of her time at a friend's home now but she comes for a walk with us most days. 


You'll see us at one or more of Cheltenham, Merindah, Dendy, Elsternwick parks or our dog beach in Hampton or Ricketts Point every day.


Don't let Kleo and Kenzi's tussles put you off, they squabble with each other but are fine socially. In fact, they usually ignore other dogs. Kayla is very people oriented and will lean, sometimes not too gently, to get a pat.


I have a lot of fun showing Kleo and Kenzi and I try not to take it too seriously. Meanwhile Kayla's groomer won a national award for her work using Kayla as her model although she doesn't look quite like this now!

I'm already finding this group really interesting and hope to meet some of you through our love of dogs.