Week 9

Chilli Valentine Devine-Tarshis

Owners: Rachel + Alec
Breed: she is a rescue dog, but the vet reckons she is a Chihuahua x Fox Terrier. So I guess that makes her a Foxiehuahua! 
Favourite Places in Bayside:  
Harley loves Cafes and Kal loves Brighton Dog Beach

Favourite Places in Bayside:    The couch in our house. Or maybe that one spot of sun on the stairs. Chilli does not like to be around a lot of other dogs when she is on leash, so anyplace in Bayside usually stresses her out. She also loves to watch Bayside from the car window.​​

Chilli has been given the middle name of Valentine because she is all about love and as she is a rescue, we needed to make up a birthday for her, so Feb 14 it is! She is a dog of MANY nicknames: 

"Chilli Nightingale" for when the kids are sick and she stands close watch and "Chilli Poppins" as she herds the children to play with her. "Fatty Barkbuckle" because she is clearly a reincarnated silent film star. Oh and she is fat. This dog loves food more than anything else in the world.

"Doorbell". This should be obvious. For a small dog, she is LOUD. And finally, my favourite one... "The Baby" because she truly is our infant replacement.

My husband, Alec, calls her "Chilli Con Carne" and so if we get another dog, I swear we are going to have to name it Carne...

Chilli was abandoned at a public house in Swan Hill when the residents just up and left. She was able to avoid being brought into the pound by hiding under the abandoned house while her partner dog (a much bigger unknown breed) was caught. It was under that house that the litter she had at some point probably perished. To this day when she hears a baby crying or a puppy on the TV or tablet, she tries to find it. Pretty heartbreaking.


A sister of a friend of my husband earned Chilli's trust and was able to get her over the fence and on track to be adopted. I saw the photo of this underweight pup on Facebook and commented that she had a sweet face. That led to a response of "You guys would be the best family for her!!!!!" and me saying, "OK, let's meet her." All of this happened accidentally without my husband knowing as he was out of the country. Also, I thought that she was the size of a small German Shepard as there was nothing to reference her tiny stature in the one image I saw. When she hopped out of the car at our house on the day I met her all I could think was "Where's the rest of her?"

It took all of about three minutes to know that she was never going to live anywhere else again and my poor husband came home from his business trip on our wedding anniversary to a brand new family member. I looked at him and said "At least it is not a baby?"

We all love our tiny fat dog so very much. She has been the best thing to happen to our family in years. 

You can follow her adventures on Instagram.  @chillidevine