Love Tails - Wendy

The BDog’s facebook group can give me information about dog food.  I can find out about the best dog parks in Bayside.  I can get recommendations about boarding kennels.  I can find out about breeders.


But that’s not really what it’s about. That’s not where the magic happens, where our community really comes alive.


Let me tell you a few stories and then you might see for yourself.


In July last year, one of the BDog members, Penny, put a call out.  Her beloved rescue dog Lucy, a beautiful Dalmatian cross, had had an accident and ruptured a ligament in one of her rear legs.  She needed an operation that would cost nearly $4000 dollars.  Penny didn’t have that sort of money.  What she did have was a deep love for Lucy.  A love borne out of the healing Lucy had brought to Penny after suffering the immeasurable loss of her son.  What Penny also had was the support of the BDOG community.  Penny put out the call that if anyone could spare a few dollars to put towards Lucy’s operation she would be ever so grateful.  Two hours.  That’s all it took for the BDog community to give Penny the much-needed shortfall of around $2,200.  Today we all feel a part of Lucy’s world and love seeing her continue to bring joy to Penny and her family.


Mention the name Gidget to any BDog member and you will immediately see them smile then get a little misty, recalling the beautiful relationship witnessed between her and her owners, Ian and Jenny.  Ian would take Gidget, a sweet Golden Retriever, down the beach daily and Ian would post the most amazing photos, capturing their special bond.  So when Gidget, at the incredible age of 16 years and 7 months, sadly needed to say goodbye, our hearts broke with Ian and Jenny.  I still remember standing in front of my laptop, reading the news, tears streaming.  Ian’s care of Gidget in her later years really was incredible.  He would carry her from his car to the water when her legs weren’t strong enough, then stand in the water with her – regardless of the weather – so that she could be in her most favourite place.  We now call their beach “Gidget’s Beach” and are working with the council to put a plaque at the beach in her memory.


Jake was an amazing looking dog. His breed, a Saluki or Persian Greyhound, was very rare and we were all taken by his striking features. Jess brought Jake home when he was a few months old, and nurtured him with the love and care dedicated to all the animals in her care, whether they be canine, feline or rodent!  We all loved Jake! One of our talented members, Christine, took stunning photos of him, he really was a sight to behold!  Jess was out with Jake one day and a car backfired, startling Jake.  He ran in the direction of a car and was hit.  Poor Jake needed costly surgery and again the generosity of the BDog community was called on.  In no time Jess had the money needed for Jake’s surgery and post-operative care.  Like Lucy, we all had a piece of Jake in our hearts.  So when we heard that Jake was very unwell and in emergency care, we all took a breath.  I remember the next morning, I was sitting in a meeting when I got a message from Kate.  Jake didn’t make it.  I was at work but wanted to be anywhere else so that I could shed tears. Tears for Jake and tears for Jess. Like everyone else, I felt robbed.  Jake should have been in this world for a lot longer.


I smile for Lucy and have tears for Gidget and Jake.  But I now also have friends in Penny and Ian and Jenny and Jess.  And I know that if anything should happen to my furry loved ones, Mani and Mollie, that I have the support and love of a whole community of like-minded people.  And that… that is the magic of the BDogs.  I am very proud and blessed to be a part of this group.