Love Tails - Janet

Last month, late one night, I posted in the group on the eve of returning home after hip surgery.


It was a cry for help! I was unable to drive and I was on crutches for 4 weeks.  I was returning to my large, fit English Pointer, Buck, who I walked twice a day.


The BDOG community responded amazingly. Within a few days I had a roster happening and Buck was being taken to a variety of parks, walks around the streets of Sandringham or along the beach. He cheerfully went with “strangers” as everyone was so nice to him and he appreciated the walk and the company.


We both stayed sane for the whole four weeks and I could not have managed without all the wonderful helpers from the Bayside Dog Owners Group.

The BDOG people were also very supportive and kind when my old girl Bella died suddenly in late May . Many BDOG members had attended her 15th Birthday in Royal Ave Park in September 2016 so she was well known and appeared often on Facebook.


I find the group informative, helpful, interesting and supportive and I look forward to new posts every day.