Love Tails - Tracey

We have lived in Bayside for five years now after moving over from Perth. I am always quite surprised at how many Bernese I see around here - and even more surprised that two of Zuri's sisters live here as well.  We bump into them at times at Donald McDonald Oval.  Whilst there does seem to be some kind of recognition there, in typical Bernese fashion, they are more interested in the humans.


We have made lots of great friends in the area through our dogs and the amazing people in this group.  My husband can't always attend the BDOG catch-ups due to work commitments but everyone makes me feel so welcome that I am more than happy to go alone. I work at a Vet Clinic in Bentleigh and whenever anyone asks if I know of places to walk, dog-sitters, trainers or just places to go with their dogs I always tell them about the Bayside Dog Owners Group. I feel like I have one very big family of dog lovers.  Doesn't get much better than that.


We met Roz and Chris The Concourse  in Beaumaris one day.  When we saw a Bernese in the back of their car we had to say hi.  Over the years, they have become amazing friends and played a really important role in helping us rehabilitate Humphrey. Recently though, they showed us what friendship was really all about.


A few days before Father's Daym I found out my Dad was really sick. My husband and Roz got their heads together and booked me a surprise trip home to Perth.  This included ringing my work and arranging for all my shifts to be covered.  Then things got difficult  They got a little stuck booking the flights (I usually do all that kind of thing) and had to call a travel agent friend for help. Then they had to wait for Chris to get home as they didn't know how to print the tickets, book the seats or book online parking.  Dave doesn't own a mobile phone - so this may give you a little insight into his technical ability!

Next issue was what to do with the kids.  Of course in Roz's eyes this was a no-brainer - they would go to their place. Now that's a pretty big ask to have someone look after nearly 100kg of dog (who like to sleep on the couch) - but when you find out they have 2 of their own and were looking after their daughters as well (as she was on holidays) - that sure is a lot of dog hair. Roz also drove to our place every day to feed our cat Shelby.


They are amazing friends.  Incredibly thoughtful and lots of fun to be with.  We consider them part of our family and our incredibly lucky to have them in our lives.


I love to read stories on our Facebook Group about how our members have reached out to help each other. 


Dogs really do bring people together