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Guest Post: Buying a puppy from a responsible breeder - Part 2

Updated: May 21, 2022

French Bulldog Puppies

How to Find a Registered Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) Breeder

Each state in Australia has it’s own ANKC organisation. Here in Victoria this is Dogs Victoria. An ANKC breeder in this state will be a member of Dogs Victoria and their puppies will ALL be registered with the organisation and ALL will provide Pedigree Papers for their puppies. These papers can often take a few weeks to come through, as the litter can’t be registered until the pups are microchipped at 6 weeks of age. The microchip number is recorded on the pup’s Pedigree registration paper.

Be aware that ANKC breeders are specialist Pure Bred breeders that are breeding to conserve and maintain their breed and their family lines, not for commercial gain. Most don’t have more than one or two litters a year so you may need to go on a waiting list.

To find an ANKC breeder in your state there are three main places to look:

There is lots of information on their website regarding buying a puppy. Here you will find a list of the breed clubs, a list of the breeds (with information about them) and a list of breeders, although not all Dogs Victoria breeders opt to be on this list. The breeder listing has an indication of whether the breeder has pups available. This website also contains a list of dog events. Attending a dog show or something like Big Day Out for Dogs can be an excellent way to meet a variety of breeds and meet some of the breeders. This is a good way to find a breeder you like and be on their waiting list for a planned litter.

Breed Club

If you want to do your breed research properly then you should look for the breed club. Not all breeds have a club, but where they do they may have breeder list or even puppy listings. Some clubs are also involved in breed rescue or re homing should you not want a puppy. Being in the hands of breed specialists means they have a good understanding of the breed, the specific dog’s needs and the home to which they will be best suited.

This website provides advertising space for ANKC registered breeders only. The only breeders you will find on this website are those breeding registered pedigree puppies. Breeders joining this website are required to provide their Breeding Prefix and ANKC registration number. Breeders can also provide a profile about themselves and can advertise their litter’s here. Contact details are there and some breeders also provide a link to their own website, if they have one.

What to expect when you approach an ANKC Registered Pedigree Breeder

I would talk the five “P”s when it comes to ANKC registered breeders:

Passionate, Pedantic, Proficient, Pure bred, Pedigree

ANKC breeders are typically fastidious about breeding from the best, for the best. They also seek the best when it comes to the choice of homes for one of their precious puppies.

You can expect to be interviewed in some form and to be asked a lot of questions regarding your home, household, lifestyle and past experience with dogs. A breeder will always appreciate honesty and will look on you favourably if you have done some reading and research about the breed. They will also be very happy to answer your questions and share their expertise.

Whilst the question of cost obviously needs to be asked at some stage, a breeder will not be thrilled if this is your first question or you seek to bargain. Be aware that a good breeder will have poured countless hours into the planning and care of the litter, often taking time off work to do so. For many it is like selling a family member that they have brought into the world and loved 24/7 for the first 2 months of their life.

Such breeders will be VERY cautious about who gets their pups, will love it if you stay in touch, and would always want to hear from you if you need help at any stage of the dogs life.

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