Dog Friendly Cafes

So, you want to go for a yummy breakfast, lunch or just a coffee. Where should you go and is there anywhere that your family dog is welcome?

Yes, there is. Here in Bayside, we are lucky enough to have many places where everyone is welcome. I will list a few of our favourites further down but first some footpath dining dog etiquette rules.

  1. Make sure your dog is a non-reactive dog. You must be confident in your dogs behaviour when other dogs come by. Nothing worse than a lunge from a dog (either yours or the passer by) when there are other diners about.

  2. Do not let your dog sit AT the table. Under is fine, beside you (on the ground) is also fine

  3. Keep your dog out of the way of staff. Don't let them jump up at them when they are trying to serve customers

  4. Make sure your dog stays close by you. Not everyone thinks your dog is cute and harmless so don't let it encroach on others space

  5. Take dog treats with you so they are not begging for your food.

Also, if you are walking your dog past a dog in these eating areas, please don't let you dog come up and say 'hello' - just keep walking saying 'leave it'

Favourite Places

In no particular order...

Little Elephant on Spring Rd, Highett.

Has a large seating area out the front. Mostly undercover, a few cafe blinds down one side so can be used in all weather. Shady areas for summer, sheltered for winter but still rug up. Really nice food and lovely staff.

Cornerstone & Co on Ludstone St, Hampton

Fantastic, enclosed and shaded courtyard at the back with a gate. Good for winter also as has heaters. Has a largish seating area at the front as well. Food is great as is coffee.

SIPP, Hampton St, Hampton - near the railway line

Good sized area out the front, great food. Can get a big breezy. Has a courtyard out the back but has 'dog parking' hooks on the fence so dogs not allowed in the courtyard. I haven't been in that part but do sit out the front. Food and coffee is terrific.

Canoe Canoe, Hampton St, Hampton - near Little Vietnam Restaurant

Has a couple of outside front tables but if you enter through the back laneway, there is a lovely courtyard where dogs are welcome. Has a couple of strip heaters and some awnings that can pull out. They are looking at making something more permanent apparently. Great food and great coffee.

The Colonel's Son, Beach Rd, Black Rock

Seating out the front but a fantastic courtyard out the back. Enter via carpark. Not covered but there is some shade. Nice and cosy and great food and coffee.

SHQ Kiosk - Sandringham Dog Beach - just down past the Sandringham Yacht Club

This is my go to. Large seating area out the front with umbrellas and you can go inside with your dog/s. I love this. If it is too hot, go inside. If it is cold and/or raining, go inside. Can't take the dogs upstairs but who cares? Really good food, great coffee and even better Chai Latte. Yum.

Larsen and Co, Hampton St, Hampton

Great undercover seating down the laneway. Can still get a bit breezy. Really good food and nice coffee.

Monkey Can Fly, Highett Rd, Highett

Smallish area out the front but undercover, heated and has cafe blinds. Footpath isn't very wide so need to keep your dogs very close as there is lots of foot traffic going by. Great food and great coffee OTTO, Sandringham

Great outside area at the front - undercover, heaters and cafe blinds.

Ebenezer, Cnr Bluff and Beach Roads, Black Rock

Good outdoor area on the footpath. Undercover too.

Ginger Fox, The Concourse, Beaumaris

EST, The Concourse, Beaumaris

has a wonderful dog friendly courtyard at the back of the cafe. Free schmackos too!

Ricketts Point tea house, Beaumaris

right on the beach; dogs not allowed on the deck but can be tethered next to it.

There are many more but this is just a taster for you. If you know of any great ones, comment below and I will add them in!

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