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Skripsi Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat.pdf




Video ke atas lagi untuk informasi sebelum anda tinggal berfikir soal teknik, penelitian dan praktik Elektro ini TELEMATIK, PENELITIAN, PRACTIK Elektro. TELEMATIK, PENELITIAN, PRACTIK Elektro.Q: how to use cursor in sqlserver instead of cursor into I am using cursor into for one of my stored procedures. But I want to use cursor instead of cursor into. ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[myProc] @out_cnt int OUTPUT AS BEGIN DECLARE @in_cnt INT SET @in_cnt = 1; DECLARE @out_cnt INT SET @out_cnt = 1; DECLARE @myTmpVar varchar(3) DECLARE @myCursorName CURSOR SET @myCursorName = CURSOR FOR SELECT TOP 1 NULL FROM TmpTable OPEN @myCursorName -- This is where the bug happens WHILE (@@FETCH_STATUS = 0) BEGIN FETCH NEXT FROM @myCursorName INTO @myTmpVar INSERT INTO TmpTable (col) SELECT col FROM tblTmp WHERE tblTmp.col = @myTmpVar SET @in_cnt = @in_cnt + 1; SET @out_cnt = @out_cnt + 1 END CLOSE @myCursorName DEALLOCATE @myCursorName END A: Try this. @out_cnt INT OUTPUT ,@in_cnt INT ,@myTmpVar varchar(3) ,@myCursorName CURSOR -- No need to declare the variables.




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Skripsi Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat.pdf
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