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Mind My Lead
Doggie Daycare AND Holiday Care

We are a boutique Doggie Daycare located in Highett - independently owned and operated.

We strive to create a well-balanced, safe, play environment without any hierarchy amongst all the dogs. This is why we believe our dogs coming into care bounce in with their tails wagging as they feel safe and comfortable, knowing how much fun they are about to have. With many dogs not wanting to leave at the end of the day!


We believe the benefits of our daycare facility are but not limited to; help with shyness, increase dogs confidence, provide socialisation in a safe and controlled play environment, teach dogs good habits and manners, exercise, mental and physical stimulation, dogs learn how to interact with different breed and temperaments and we are a good solution for owners suffering guilt due to working long hours or having other commitments which limit their availability to spend time with their dog or exercise them regularly.


Our facility is top notch, clean, comfortable and bright. Being climate controlled, our facility is cool in summer and warm in winter. Offering indoor and outdoor play, your pooch will have continuous fun with their furry friends.


We also offer holiday care all year round, providing 24/7 care.


Please note we assess all dogs coming into our facility prior to admission. 

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