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Tributes to the Bayside Dogs who have left us

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2009 to 2021

Ruby came into my life quite by accident. She came from a violent and abused background and found happiness and an abundance of love from me and many others.  She was the light of my life, regal, proud, independent, loyal and loving.  I will love and miss her forever, she was my beautiful girl. 'There is a light that never goes out...'


2010 to 2021

Alvin was born in 2010 and left us in 2021. He was an ex-guide dog and the most loyal companion I could ask for. Alvin was my divorce dog and went everywhere with me. My sons often dressed him up and he waited patiently. He had so much love to give and was the best ‘good boy’ I could ever have wished for. He understood 100 words and was the most loyal companion we could have wished for.


2004 to 2020

I was very lucky having my beautiful Kayla for 16 years, until December 2020. She was a crazy, zany and bold girl who loved making people laugh. She was also mischievous, hiding TV remote amongst several other things without damaging them. If there was ever a dog who could laugh, it was Kayla, she was always happy. One of a kind, I miss her so much.


26/01/05 to 17/01/20

Foxy grew with our family as my soulmate, best friend and very loved family member.

At 16yo she was still mistaken for a pup.

Such a beautiful, loving pet and will forever be in our hearts.



Love  of my life a beautiful, cheeky, loving girl who enriched my life beyond words in her 16 3/4yrs now running free.


Till we meet again. Xxx 


2006 - 2020

My love, my life, my precious girl.


So brave, so sweet, so perfect.


I miss you. 


Rainbow Bridge

1997 to 2013

Our zany and goofy Springer Tango.

He passed at 17 a few years ago.

Our 3 kids grew up with him.

I don’t think I’ll ever have another dog.

His last 18 months was hell, with seizures and loss of control, poor old boy.

Our cat still misses wrestling with him.


July 2019

Our beautiful Maxi, now at peace over the rainbow bridge.

We love him with all our hearts and will miss him always.

Thank you, sweet man, for 17 wonderful years.

Run free, no more pain.

Sweet dreams Maxi.



Our precious much loved Linny, who left us late last year, after a short..but terrible illness..aged 19.


She is in a better place now, but is so missed, our darling Winners..forever in her family’s heart’s..❤️❤️xx


2007 to 2018

Skyye, our Rottie cross Akita, was rescued from an abusive family by us in Detroit, and then went on to live in Washington DC, London and Melbourne with us.


She sadly crossed the rainbow bridge last year, age 11.


She was such a sweet gal.



Beautiful Gypsy.


Two years ago she went over the rainbow bridge.


Broke my heart. 15 years of cuteness and attitude.


I'm happy to say I can talk about her (and we do all the time) without crying anymore, but with happiness that we were lucky enough for her to choose us.



This was our crazy boy Troy who entertained and loved us with all his heart and soul for 15 years .


He was a rescue puppy, I think he rescued us in a time that there was a lot of things going on in our family , he made it complete .


He passed peacefully about 18months ago


Hank + Dita
Left us in 2017

Hank and Dita were the dogs I dreamed of owning since I was 20...


French bulldogs were my obsession and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be able to have two of my very own. 


My boy, Hank came to me at the age of 8 weeks, from the very beginning he was full of cheeky personality and attitude galore. He made me laugh with his antics every single day.

His sister (same litter) Dita came to us 4 years later after retiring from breeding. She was so quiet and timid at first but with a lot of love and attention she quickly grew into a sweet but sassy little lady who had my heart in her paws from the beginning. She loved her brother fiercely and always had to be wherever he was.

The day they died, they took a massive piece of my heart with them, I will never ever stop missing them. 



Jasper, my everything really.


Gone nearly three months now. I had him from a puppy till he was 17 years old.


I love him more than I’ve loved anything in my life. He actually taught me how to love I think.


We did everything together. It was always just him and me. He was the best dog.


Smart, funny, patient and oh so handsome. I loved the smell of his ears and hearing that tiny, little snore next to me at night.


I loved that he let me buy all these outfits for him and put them on, giggle and take endless photos.


I loved the fact he’d do these silent little farts and then look at me as if I’d done it.


We’d walk along the beach but he hated the water and would bark at me if I got in. Such a character.


Desperately missed. Life is just not the same without him. I’ve lost my other half. 💞🐶



Tosca the wonder dog.


An outstanding pooch in almost every way.


Won over dozens of children and some adults who were previously terrified of dogs.


Devastatingly died after we were lied to by real estate agents between selling our home and moving to a new one and had to get emergency accommodation for 7 weeks in a very scary house. 


My kids still call it the haunted house, where we were robbed a few days after moving in and a few weeks later a chopped up lily was found in Tosca's toilet area and she passed away a day or two after that.


Four years later, I still call our current dog by her name at times.


2003 to 2020

My dear sweet Lexie
Almost 17 yrs of being my friend, my 4th child, my shadow.
Will always love her
Will always miss her
Waiting patiently for me at that beautiful rainbow bridge


September 2019

Snowbell came into my life when she was 5 years old. She became a very important part of my life, and I looked forward to coming home to her every day. We had 9 happy years together - not enough, but she is at peace now. I will love and miss you forever, my beautiful girl.


This is my beautiful collie 

Lassie and me.

We lost her at 13 years and 11 months. Almost 14.

Such a great dog that l loved so much.

I still miss her everyday.


1973 to 1998

Dhoby came into my life as a pup when I was just 10 years old. 

We did everything together, he would even ride my horse when he got tired. I was known in our country town as the blonde girl in the red jacket and the brown dog. 

I used to promise him that we would die together - thank goodness he didn't keep me to that!

He passed away when I was 25. 

He was very special and I still think of him and thank him for being my special boy


1990 to 2008

17.5 years young

My kid before I had kids.


He found us as a pup when he was 8 weeks old and I had just bought our house.


He was reportedly an unplanned farm dog pregnancy of a friend of a friend’s dog who was allegedly a Chow Chow. I could never believe it and he clearly had Kelpie in him so I always say kelpie X.

He was a loyal easy going dog who played, jumped and ran like a pup until just 6 weeks before we said goodbye (as he developed an age related paralysis).


He was a very special boy.


19 June 2017

Our much loved Jake.

A beautiful Saluki who wasn't in this world long enough. He touched the hearts of everyone he met.

Often thought about by many and very missed.

Especially by his human mum, Jess and his doggy brother and sisters - Kal, Harley and Delta xx


July 2017

My dear, sweet, courageous Rod overcame many obstacles but couldn’t survive a heart attack at 9yo as we left for the beach for his daily walk.


He was the best. I miss him terribly.


May 2019

Rosie and her wingman Dany (to the right)


Both lost to me just 8 weeks apart.


I am beside myself with grief.



Dany and Rosie (to the left).


Both lost to me just 8 weeks apart.


I am beside myself with grief.


1998 to 2014

Pokey died in 2014 after 16 years together - I was 25


His passing was the first utter heart break I ever felt and I’m not sure I’ll ever truly get over it.


Someone I grew up with and will love forever ❤️


2002 to 2017

Very much loved by the Bird Family xx

Big Blue SkyAA.jpg
2007 to 2018

My main man Ali, the best gift I have ever been given.


You gave me everything, you supported me through so much and adored your family.


Not a day passes I don’t miss you.


I love you forever my darling.


1/10/07-3/01/18 💔


January 2018

This is Kayla and Kane.


Kane left us in Dec 2013 aged 15 and Kayla joined him in Jan 2018 aged 16.


I still miss them



December 2013

This is Kayla and Kane.


Kane left us in Dec 2013 aged 15 and Kayla joined him in Jan 2018 aged 16.


I still miss them



1993 to 2007

Kiah (pronounced like the Kia car) was a German Shepherd x Kelpie. 

She was a clever girl, amazing at Obedience and Agility.


She saw us through many life changing times such as the birth of our 3 children and the passing of my parents and everything in between.

Still miss her.

Kate and Stan

2004 to 2018

Tigger - 14yo -  helped me through homelessness, bad relationships and was there to watch all my kids grow up also there to annoy Jess by pretending to be deaf.


October 2000 to May 2017

Darling Gidget - aged 16 years and 7 months


A much loved member of Bayside Dog Owners Group. Her bond with her 'dad' Ian and 'mum' Jenny was a sight to behold. 

Missed and thought of every day. 

Here she is at what has been renamed "Gidget's Beach" - Dalgetty Rd Beach, Beaumaris

Humphrey B. Bolton
22 November 2017

Humphrey or Humph, a special boy who taught many of us about how hard yet wonderful life can be.

Sadly missed by many at Bayside Dog Owners Group, his Bernese Mountain Dog family and his family that showed him so much love


Tracey, Dave and Zuri xx

1988 to 1997

Terri was our gorgeous little adopted girl who sadly passed away from a heart murmur.


She lived her all too short life to the max! 


RIP our awesome little girl.


Mandy and Tom x

Mr Sparkie Whistledown
2009 to 2022

Mr. Sparkie Whistledown was dumped at a regional pound and due for euthanasia at the age of 14.


He was saved and came to me as a temporary foster dog.  I fell in love with him and spoilt him rotten, a beautiful and knowing soul.


He passed away quietly in my arms knowing that he was adored and much loved to the very end.  I miss and think of him every day.


image2 (1).JPG
1998 to 2016

We adopted our gorgeous Amy (Kelpie x Lab) from the RSPCA in 1999.


There was no history available - only that she was 1 or 2 years old.  Our children at the time were 4 and 5 and Amy was so gentle with them from the start. She quickly became a very much loved member of our family.

Amy loved her walks, chasing balls, car trips and going to work with Gary. She lived to the ripe old age of 18 and we will always miss her.

Strahan Family xx

2001 to 2013

Krispy was our first baby and when we had our first human baby he took on the role of the protector and “brother”.


It still amazes me how people can leave behind their dogs when they move as when we moved to Australia from Switzerland. It would have never been an option to not take Krispy along.


Although moving him cost basically as much as the airfare for hubby, myself and our son. He was part of our family from 2001 till 2013 and it was so very tough losing him.


He is still with us, in a way.


And I’m so very grateful for having had him in our lives.

So much more than “just” a pet...


19 December 2016

Laddie was the LOVE OF MY LIFE! 

My beautiful and gentle Laddie past away in my arms on the 19th of December 2016.

He was 14 years old.

Laddie was always a gentleman and regal looking. He was so incredibly affectionate and loving.

He loved the beach and played for hours with his little brother Jesse James. They would play ‘tug of war’ with their leads!

He won a trophy and sashes for first and second place at the Dog Show for ‘Best In Show’ in his early years.

I have beautiful memories of him lying under my piano, keeping me company as I practised and when I was teaching.

Laddie will forever be in my thoughts and heart. 

Vivienne, Greg and James xx

10 June 2019

My beautiful boof head Chase, passed away almost 1 month ago.


He taught me how to love more and what it's like to have a stalker. He was my light at the end of a bad day and my best friend who I shared almost everything with. 

We went everywhere together and even had ice creams down at the beach, his unconditional love for his human brother was truly beautiful.

He was our perfect boy who loved us immensely and for that we treasured every moment with him. 

Everyone who knew him saw how much he loved us and those lucky to get a pat or lick were very special. 

He was taken WAY too soon but we are ever so grateful to have had him in our lives 💔🌈💞

Run free buddy see you on the other side 👊


Gracie Dee

I adopted this little sweetheart, who came to me with no name, age, or history, from the Lost Dogs home in 2011.

Our mutual unconditional loving bond was instant and ever-lasting.

Gracie Dee made difficult times easier and brought joy and love to so many people. Her sweet gentle nature brought out the best in everybody she met.


We were best friends, she waited patiently in every room I was in from the first day until the day she passed away. Gracie loved me unconditionally as I loved and still love her.

I take great comfort in these words said by Helen Keller....


What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose. For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." 


You will always be a part of me my darling Gracie Dee.



September 2017

Rescued by someone with a good heart who could not meet his needs.

Taken in by my parents and immediately formed an indescribable bond with my dad. Trotted straight up to him, sat down, looked up at him like, you are the one I was waiting for. 

He came from an awful life that we could only imagine through his scars. Vets told us he had been beaten with a blunt object causing a broken leg near the shoulder with significant damage. He always had a slight limp.


He had scars all over his beautiful face, his muscles had been unnaturally built, probably using heavy chains and the suspicion was he had been in dog fighting.


However, he was the most placid beautiful dog. Not an angry bone in his body. He was terminally afraid of certain noises and we knew this was due to abuse.

He spent 6.5 years in unconditional love.


Although he was unwell due to an autoimmune condition that ultimately killed him, he loved and enjoyed life, loved his people and Percy.


This picture is one of the first times he experienced grass and being free to roll around.


I will never forget his soulful eyes, his patience and calm, assertive nature. We saved his life, but he changed ours. ❤❤


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