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Holistic therapies for Dogs + Cats

Remedial Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture (coming in July), and Red Light Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the original forms of treatment since the origins of time. For our furry friends it has many powerful healing properties. Just like humans they too benefit from holistic less invasive treatments, such as Remedial Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure & Light Therapy to name a few. These modalities are very effective in promoting healing, allowing for the body to move into a more balanced state and improving your pets mobility and quality of life.



The benefits of massage therapy include;

  • Principal method for treating Musculoskeletal injuries

  • Increased relaxation via the Sympathetic Nervous System, which in turn reduces anxiety in your pet

  • Improved circulation, and blood flow, assisting in removal of waste and assisting healing

  • Reducing muscle tension/tightness that causes pain

  • Improve muscle length leading to improved joint ROM

  • Scar re education following injury or surgery

  • Maintaining and prolonging mobility in our senior pets through ease of motion and pain reduction

  • Helping owners connect with their pet and provide basic techniques for owners to perform at home

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