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Alfie's Feast
Handmade and Wholesome Dog Meals

Nourish your dog with Alfie’s Feast.

Is your fur buddy suffering from digestive issues? Lacking the energy they should have? 

Or perhaps you feel they need better nutrition and you are looking for a health boost with some good ol’ homemade real food.

Let Alfie’s Feast take control of mealtimes and give your dog the ideal combination of a balanced cooked and raw diet.

We are a small family business, offering recipes created by a pet nutritionist and lovingly crafted by a chef, for all ages, breeds and sizes to improve your dog’s diet.

Our scrumptious meals are:


  • Made fresh from quality human grade ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, no flavours or colours, no nasties, ever.

  • Small batch premium meals formulated by a pet nutritionist, made by us, adhering to AAFCO dog nutritional standards.

  • Our raw blends are based on the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) guide.

  • Our cooked meals are formulated to meet all nutritional requirements.

  • Perfectly formulated recipes for optimal nutrition and helps sustain a healthy gut!

Your dog can live its best life eating foods you can trust, made with love and backed by science.


Servicing the Bayside area—delivered to your door, hassle free. $12 flat rate shipping.

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