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Pet Grief Counselling + Pet Death Doula

Hi, I'm Natasha a qualified Counsellor specialising in Pet Grief and Pet Death Doula living in
Rye on the Mornington Peninsula.

As an animal lover myself, I have suffered the pain and anguish of losing a pet, in fact I have
loved and lost 3 of my dogs. The grief I felt with each was different due to the differences in
the deaths, the reasons behind it and most of all because of who they were. I have now
made it my passion to support those who need it at the worst time in their lives.


Through my counselling service I am here to listen to you, before, during or after the loss of a beloved
furmily member. 

As a pet death doula I will guide you through the process of your pets earthly ending. Together we can create an end of life plan that suits the needs of your pet, family and to ensure a peaceful ending.


I can take the stress of you by connecting with vets, crematoriums, photographers and any other services you made need. This will allow you to spend the time you need together. I am not a medical practitioner so I can only advise on non medical issues.


You can find me on 







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