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Premium Pet Foods Delivered For Less

Petzyo is a Melbourne based and owned dog food company.


We offer Premium Dry and Raw food delivered direct to Melbourne Homes.


Our products include Dry, Raw and Mixed plans. Owners enter their pooch’s weight and activity level, and then Petzyo will creates a meal plan with appropriate servings to be delivered to your door every month.

Our Kibble that counts is grain free and made from sustainable kangaroos, legumes, veggies and other delicious superfoods. Kangaroo is low in fat, high in iron and protein, it’s low allergenic, hormone and anti-biotic free and not to mention it is great for the planet.

We have three Raw products in Kangaroo, Beef and Chicken. All are served in 150g patties packed with (70%) nutrient rich raw fresh meat.

Our Core Values the we believe in and follow are:

Eco-Friendly: 100% of our product materials are either biodegradable or recyclable

Sustainable:  All our products are 100% natural

Direct:  Deliver free of charge

Value:  More affordable premium dog food delivered direct to your door at a more affordable price

Please use the coupon code:




to receive 20% off your first Petzyo Box.


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