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Pet Ambulance & Mobile Urgent Care

Ready Vet Go is Victoria's premier mobile veterinary service, providing urgent care in the comfort of your own home with the aim of keeping you at home. Our ambulance, staffed by an emergency-trained veterinarian, brings critical care to your doorstep, offering consultations and a pharmacy stocked with medications that include antibiotics, pain relief, as well as medications for intervention, including vomit induction and life-saving medications. 


Mirroring human ambulance model, we are a triage-based service focusing on early intervention to stabilise and prevent further injury or illness, reduce hospital stays and optimise health outcomes. Our 2:1 care model ensures critical care medical treatment during transport. 


We provide onsite intervention to reduce unnecessary trauma for pets in pain requiring transport, which can significantly reduce their psychological relationship with medical care in the future. 


We offer in-home euthanasia, ensuring your pet's passing is peaceful and dignified.


In emergencies where immediate intervention is vital, we advise owners to head directly to the nearest clinic.With comparable emergency consultation rates, Ready Vet Go is dedicated to bridging the gap in pet healthcare, providing comfort and comprehensive care when time is of the essence.

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