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RAW Food, Birthday Cakes, Treats and more

Here are some amazing local businesses who service the area of Bayside and its surrounds.

This site is to help you make an informed choice. Bayside Dog Owners Group can NOT be held responsible for any actions of any of the businesses here.


Handmade and Wholesome Dog Meals

Nourish your dog with Alfie’s Feast.

Is your fur buddy suffering from digestive issues? Lacking the energy they should have? 

Or perhaps you feel they need better nutrition and you are looking for a health boost with some good ol’ homemade real food.

Let Alfie’s Feast take control of mealtimes and give your dog the ideal combination of a balanced cooked and raw diet.

We are a small family business, offering recipes created by a pet nutritionist and lovingly crafted by a chef, for all ages, breeds and sizes to improve your dog’s diet.

Our scrumptious meals are:


  • Made fresh from quality human grade ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, no flavours or colours, no nasties, ever.

  • Small batch premium meals formulated by a pet nutritionist, made by us, adhering to AAFCO dog nutritional standards.

  • Our raw blends are based on the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) guide.

  • Our cooked meals are formulated to meet all nutritional requirements.

  • Perfectly formulated recipes for optimal nutrition and helps sustain a healthy gut!

Your dog can live its best life eating foods you can trust, made with love and backed by science.

Servicing the Bayside area—delivered to your door, hassle free. $12 flat rate shipping.

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Healthy Pet Treats and Special Occasion Goodies

Healthy Pet Treats, handmade in small batches with love in Melbourne. 


Made from 100% Australian meat and produce from local butchers and greengrocers - free from any salt, sugar, additives and preservatives. 


We also make pupcakes for your dogs special milestones including Birthday’s, Adoption days and Graduations! 


Shhh! Don’t forget your Cat, we also have a whole section on our website dedicated for Cats, including treats and gift boxes! 

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Artisan Dog Treats

What happens, when rescue dog Willow adopts a pastry cook?

They celebrate their passion for food, start baking delicious dog treats with a healthy twist and love to share them with everybody.

Willows Pantry is an Elwood based business, making artisan dog treats in small batches. 

Our ingredients are high quality, human grade and locally grown or produced. Our treats don´t contain nasties like preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar and are joyfully taste-tested by Head Boof Willow herself.

Willows Pantry offers dog cookie bags in 6 different flavours, pupcakes, café counter jars, celebration cakes and many more droolable treats for your pupper.

Click on our website button for more information and also to find out when and where we will be at the markets.

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and at local markets


Australian made Dog Treats

I want to introduce you to Doggylicious.


The 1st Australian dog treat business, owned and operated by dogs. We have  a simple mission. To provide moments of happiness every day between us doggies and you humans.


Our first product launch is a range of human grade, Australian cookies which are grain and gluten free. The 5 variants are:

  • Calming Cookies (which contains L-Theanine)

  • Probiotic Cookie (which contains 7 gut friendly probiotic strains)

  • Protein Cookies (which contains insect protein)

  • Hip, Joint and Coat Cookies (which contains type 2 collagen, egg shell powder and hemp)

  • Rainbow Cookies (which supports the LGBT community)


Doggylicious is a brand that from the very beginning, wants to do some good on this world.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we have used a range of sustainable ingredients including egg shell powder which is a natural source of calcium. The range has and will always be made in Australia which I think is of huge importance but most importantly, Doggylicious is. a brand that wants to give back and #SupportTheUnderdog where it can.

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Premium Pet Foods Delivered For Less

Petzyo is a Melbourne based and owned dog food company.


We offer Premium Dry and Raw food delivered direct to Melbourne Homes.


Our products include Dry, Raw and Mixed plans. Owners enter their pooch’s weight and activity level, and then Petzyo will creates a meal plan with appropriate servings to be delivered to your door every month.

Our Kibble that counts is grain free and made from sustainable kangaroos, legumes, veggies and other delicious superfoods. Kangaroo is low in fat, high in iron and protein, it’s low allergenic, hormone and anti-biotic free and not to mention it is great for the planet.

We have three Raw products in Kangaroo, Beef and Chicken. All are served in 150g patties packed with (70%) nutrient rich raw fresh meat.

Our Core Values the we believe in and follow are:

Eco-Friendly: 100% of our product materials are either biodegradable or recyclable

Sustainable:  All our products are 100% natural

Direct:  Deliver free of charge

Value:  More affordable premium dog food delivered direct to your door at a more affordable price

Please use the coupon code:




to receive 35% off your first Petzyo Box.


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100% Air Dried Gourmet Dog Treats

We believe speciality treats are a great way to show love to our four-legged friends.  


Our homemade products (endorsed by our 5 labradoodles) contain the finest quality human grade ingredients, and are made with love and passion to create a truly wonderful culinary experience.  


By giving our animals top quality natural treats, you will make them happy and healthy, and be guilt free knowing all our treats contain absolutely no nasties - that’s right, just 100% naturally air dried goodness.  


We love what we have created; we know your doggies will too.

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Holistic Dog Nutrition + Alternative Health Products

At The Bow Wow Store we care about the health and wellbeing of doggies.


Our aim is to offer hoomans an alternative to processed food and conventional health care products.  


From a holistic perspective we hope to assist you in providing your loved one(s) the best opportunity to live long and happy lives.


We advocate natural feeding when at all possible (every dog is different!) and, as such, stock preservative free raw meats including novel proteins, bones, offal and vegetable matter.


To ensure a balanced diet, a number of complimentary supplements are also available.


We also stock a large range of treats including organic, dehydrated and freeze dried which are 100% natural and Australian made.


The Bow Wow Store offers holistic health care products for treating specific conditions relating to skin, digestion, joints, eyes and ears and behavioural issues utilising Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic remedies. We also have a selection of organic soap-free shampoos, conditioners and grooming products.


In addition, we carry locally handcrafted quality dog apparel and gear including collars, beds, clothing and accessories such as bow-ties, flowerettes and bandanas. For the discerning hound, we cater for the luxe market with bespoke items and custom orders upon request.


We welcome the furry kind into our store (and hoomans) - feel free to come and browse, chat and educate yourself on all things natural, healthy and holistic.

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