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The pitfalls of Easter for our dogs

Updated: May 7, 2022

Samoyed Golden Retriever Easter Eggs Bunny

I actually don't know anyone who doesn't like a bit of chocolate. I mean, sure there are some people who say they don't but really? Chocolate in all forms is rather delicious - except maybe the really dark, bitter stuff - you know the 80% and up type. I don't even mind the Chilli Chocolate (if I'm desperate!) With Easter just about here, we all need to be very careful to keep the chocolate out of the way of our animals. Why? Because it can make our dogs really ill and can even be fatal. Chocolate not only contains caffeine which is dangerous to all pets as it can increase their heart rate, cause tremors and can over stimulate the nervous system but it contains theobromine which is lethal to dogs - the infographic below (found on the internet) explains this all really clearly. In fact, I have read that it can be lethal to cats but cats don't scoff things down like many of our dogs do! "The darker the chocolate, the more potent the level of theobromine, and the more poisonous it is. Call your vet if you dogs eats any more than 20 mg/kg of theobromine – that’s equivalent to 3.5 g/kg of plain or dark chocolate and 14 g/kg milk chocolate. White chocolate does not contain enough theobromine to cause toxicity, but it can be fatty and pose a potential risk of pancreatitis." (source Blue Cross for Pets UK)

So, when you are planning your Easter Egg Hunt - make sure you do it so that your dog does not have access to the area. Know eggsactly (see what I did there?) how many you have hidden and where because if the children don't find them all - guaranteed your dog will.

If you think your pooch has ingested chocolate - the safest bet is to contact your Vet for advice.

Other foodstuffs toxic to dogs are raisins, sultanas, currants and grapes - all of these can cause fatal kidney failure so don't let them get those Hot Cross Buns! Also toxic are:



Macadamia Nuts


Xylitol (Artificial Sweetener)


Raw Bread Dough

Can My Dog Eat That Infographic

Here's the thing, even though your pooches may beg for your chocolate over the Easter period there are alternatives for them if you want them to join in. Buy them treats that utilise Carob instead. It is a safe alternative to chocolate and they love it. Because they are dogs.

Samoyed Golden Retriever Dogs Rabbit Chocolate Eggs Easter

Luna, on the left, and Finn, on the right, wish everyone a safe and very Happy Easter


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