From collars to outdoor wear  + everything in between along with gifts for dogs AND humans

Here are some amazing local businesses who service the area of Bayside and its surrounds.

This site is to help you make an informed choice. Bayside Dog Owners Group can NOT be held responsible for any actions of any of the businesses here.

2 RoyalHounds

Bespoke Dog Accessories

Our Story:

My two miniature dachshunds, lovingly known as 'The Royals', and their demands for living the life of luxury and a passion for sewing are the inspiration for 2RoyalHounds.

It all started with our ever-popular signature snuggle sack/sleeping bag range which now has many happy hounds snuggling up and keeping toasty warm in their homes. 

All my items are individually handmade from quality sourced fabrics and I also now make a huge range of other items themed around man’s best friend, including Quilts, Cushions, Dog collars, Doggie bandanas, Tote bags, Kitchen accessories, Homewares, hand sewn baby gifts and much more.

I welcome bespoke orders of anything you might like sewn for either doggie, yourself or someone special to you.

I hope we can make you and your pooch happy through some of the lovely handcrafted items created under the watchful eye of the two resident Royal Hounds.

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Safety Collars for Pampered Pooches

LED and rechargeable!!!!


Be seen at night by passing cars, cyclists, other walkers AND keep your dog in sight whilst at the dog park.


Eco friendly and no batteries required, USB rechargeable dog collar.


Visibility up to 500m away, they are also water resistant, and easy to wipe clean.


Coming in 3 sizes:


small 35 - 40cm

Medium 40 - 50cm

Large 50 - 60cm




Blue, Green, Pink, Orange and Red




Charge time approximately 2 hours, depending on usage - charge can last 5 hours! 




Dog neck “halo” LED collar, to be used with harness.  These amazing collars can be “cut” to length, no matter the size of your pampered pooch.   These are also rechargeable!  Available in 7 colours.

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and White and Blue…..  You will see a rainbow!


Every collar comes with its own recharge USB cable!  

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Handmade collars, leads + accessories

The Bark Side is a Bayside based family run business.


We specialise in unique and high quality handmade collars, leads, bow ties and accessories.


We proudly support local animal shelters, rescues and charities by donating our products on a regular basis.


Our items can be found in a number of local businesses, and online. Check out our funky range today!


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Studio Pets

Food + Accessories for all Pets

Studio Pets is a small, independent family operated store that has been pampering the pets of Bayside since 2004.

We proudly support Australian manufacturers and products.


We love pets and think they deserve the very best in nutrition - whether that be super premium dry foods to commercially prepared Barf diets.  


If you need anything for your pet, Studio Pets has it covered including toys, bedding, food, treats and apparel. 


We even have a full service heated HydroBath by appointment. Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm.


Come visit us at

64 Bay Rd, Sandringham 

Ph: 9597 0557 

Stylish beds, Bandanas and more!

Pet Pouch is a boutique style online store, which boasts unique designs and limited edition product releases.


We are a Bayside based company offering handmade, Australian designed accessories for pets and pet lovers alike and pride ourselves on creating locally designed quality products.

These days pets are part of the family and Pet Pouch helps their customers pamper their pets and shop for their unique personality.


From luxury beds that complement the décor, to bandanas that exude style, we make it easy for fur-parents to spoil their pets.

We believe unconditional love should always be rewarded and if you have ever been lucky enough to own a dog, you would most certainly agree.

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Classic leather dog collars + leads made from recycled leather

Caniche & Co. was inspired through artisan Gemma Garrity’s passion for helping worthy charitable causes, raising awareness of our impact on the planet, and of course her beloved dogs Rosie and Jax for whom the venture is named - ‘Caniche’ is French for Poodle.


All collars and leads are completely custom made to fit and are handcrafted here in Bayside. All collars and leads are made from recycled leather belts which are sourced from local charitable opportunity shops, helping to support our community and nearby families in need.


Leather is a fantastic natural fibre from which to craft many things, but it would be against their better judgment to buy large runs of new hides - and so by thrifting secondhand belts, Caniche & Co. is helping to reduce waste without compromising on traditional style.

To make a collar, the belt is carefully chosen for its quality, it is then trimmed to size, edges are fully beveled, burnished and finished in an English bridle style. Every piece is stitched by hand, using the strong saddle-stitch method, with premium waxed thread to combat water, sweat and residue.


A portion of all sales is donated to helping animals in need.

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Earth friendly pet stain + odour cleaner

Crafting the good stuff is our thing and we're super passionate providing you the safest, greenest and most effective cleaning and odour solutions available on the market today.


Our earth friendly, plant-powered formula effortlessly handles even the toughest pet messes, without the need for toxic chemicals.

All ingredients are carefully selected and sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian suppliers.


We are proud to be an Australian company manufacturing in Melbourne and creating products safe for pets, family and our planet.

Our everyday stain and odour solutions truly work on everything - and get the job done fast. From those occasional muddy paws to severe pet messes that require serious attention. We handle the dirty work so you can get back to living, and loving your pet.

We can't wait for you to try it out!

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The world's first anti-theft
dog harness and lead

safelysecured™ is a Bayside owned and run small business selling the world’s first anti-theft range of dog leads, collars and harnesses.

Pet theft is a growing issue every year. With thousands of thefts worldwide, safelysecured™ is here to protect your best friend and give you peace of mind in those situations when you have to leave them unattended.

Follow me on FB, Instagram or head over to my website for more info.

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Snuffle Mats + Tug Toys

Welcome to Pugsley & Co 

Our snuffle mats and tug toys are handmade with love right here in Mordialloc! 
We are a small Aussie Business 🇦🇺 who adore all things animal related!


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Treats and Gifts

We are a Melbourne based small business that is fanatical about keeping your dog happy and healthy.


Great range of toys, Aussie treats (no nasties) and subscription boxes tailored to suit your pups needs. 

The name comes from our passion to reduce unnecessary waste keeping our packaging clean, recyclable and focusing on the products inside. 


For you lovely BDog members, please use discount code BAYSIDE for 15% off your first (or any one order)

Check out our subscription box here

and the  toys & treats  here


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A luxurious range of dog grooming and dog friendly products

Cider and Basil is an Australian Pet Lifestyle Brand, where, specially curated products and designs are made for pets and their owners.


With inner and outer wellbeing as our ethos - using natural ingredients - we create pet friendly grooming products, premium pet treats, and dog friendly candles. 

We have something for every pet and their human.


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Natural Dog Grooming Products

Mr. Fluff is the only all natural dog grooming brand that is entirely focused on 2 in 1 products!


We aim to cut bath time in half so your pooch can get back to hanging at the dog park! 


We are proudly:


+ Australian made and owned

+ Cruelty free

+ Vegan 


Our products DO NOT contain:


Sulphates, parabens, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, mineral oils and PEGs.


We can't wait for you to try!


Woof woof


Danni the human and Stassi the whippet. 

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Dog Trousers keep your dog

Clean, Dry and Allergy Free.

The Dog Trouser Company, a local Bayside business, has recently launched Dog Trousers in Australia.

A practical pet accessory developed to keep your dog, car and home clean. Dog Trousers protect your pet's legs and undercarriage from water, beach-sand, mud and pavement grime - all year round.


They can also provide a barrier to environmental allergens, as well as protecting longer haired dogs from burrs and grass seeds. They can also be used post-op for dogs that don't cope well with wearing the traditional cone.

With their unique design, they cleverly cover only what needs covering whilst allowing airflow. Dog Trousers are non-restrictive and comfortable ensuring maximum movement, so your dog can run, walk, jump, play, paddle and most importantly toilet without the extensive clean up afterwards, saving busy owners time and additional car and household cleaning.


When you’re finished with play just remove the trousers before jumping in the car or the home. Perfect for Winter or Summer activities.

Quality made in the UK from functional and durable, lightweight and waterproof fabric, machine washable, available in sizes XXS to XL or custom made, in Red, Yellow and Grey Camouflage.


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Handcrafted, personalised jewellery

At Silver Pet Prints we hand craft personalised sterling silver jewellery that captures your pet’s unique paw print (reduced in size) on a special keepsake.


We have a range of jewellery items including: pendants, charms, cufflinks and keyrings. There’s a range of shapes and sizes available. Each piece is handmade in Melbourne.


You can take your pup's print with our mess free Inkless Print Kits, which contain wipes and sensitized paper that react together. I then take the print, reduce it to fit the piece you have ordered and create your keepsake from there!

Pets hold a very special place in people’s hearts and as such each Silver Pet Print keepsake we make holds enormous sentimental value to their owner. 

Look at the website and social media pages to see images of the range, as well keep up to date on events where you can come and see jewellery samples, pick up a print kit and place your order! I can also take appointments at my Caulfield South studio. Or you can place your order directly through the website.


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