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The BUPA 2017 Blog Awards

How very exciting. We have been nominated for the BUPA 2017 Blog Awards. Under the PET Section "Bloggers that provide an insight into our furry or feathered family members. Beloved pets, wildlife and animals. Pet health, animal news, veterinary or animal behaviour fall into this category." of the awards.

Of course, I am not expecting for this blog to be a finalist as we are just starting out here on the website but it is very nice to be noticed and rewarded with the nomination.

What does it mean?

"The Bupa Blog Awards is all about celebrating bloggers and influencers who are making a difference in health and care for their online communities."

You, know, since starting the Bayside Dog Owners Group on Facebook way back on the 13th of October 2015 - the community has grown from strength to strength.

From small beginnings, combining like-minded people who have one main interest in common - their love of dogs - we have really evolved into an all encompassing community. We share information, we share photos, we share knowledge, we share our homes, our hearts and in many cases have helped those in need. We have made connections, we have raised money, we have made new friends, supported local businesses and learnt, that as individuals we can achieve quite a bit but as a group....the sky is the limit! So, here's to being nominated - and here's to our furry loves - for bringing us all together!

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