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Bupa Blog Awards Finalist!

On Monday the 18th, we were publicly announced as one of 30 Bupa Blog Awards Finalists!

There are six categories with 5 blogs in each category. We are in the great company of 4 other pet-related sites. I am so excited, I can't think properly.

You can go to the above link and vote for your favourite blog in the People's Choice (wink, wink)

Bupa Blog Awards 2017 Finalist

This website here, it's new-ish and I love it. I love the content. I love the look. I love that it celebrates local businesses, local places and local dogs.

Even if this is as far as we get in the competition, I am very, very proud and will continue to build on its presence. Hopefully, it will become an important point of call for information about the Bayside Area of Melbourne and how it relates to living with dogs.

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