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Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Whether it's Summer, Spring or Autumn - we can still get warm days, days where you need to THINK about whether you should leave your dog in your car....or not.

After doing some research, I have discovered that a parked car can become 20 to 30 degrees HOTTER than the outside temperature, and, according to Kidsafe, South Australia, 75% of the heating occurs in the first 5 minutes and 90% in the first 15 minutes. And leaving that window cracked open? That has a negligible effect.

The RSPCA has released a video to bring home the fact that it takes "Just Six Minutes" for a dog to die in a hot car.

If you see a dog in a hot car and it looks distressed - call 000

The RSPCA also urges people not to leave their dogs on the back of a ute or similar without sufficient shade, shelter and water.

Most of us know that dogs cool themselves by panting. If the air around them is hot and they don't have access to water, they can't regulate their body temperature - remember - it takes just 6 minutes.

If you know it is going to be hot, leave them at home with plenty of water and access to shelter and shade. I tend to leave mine in the house with the air con on! Lucky things.

If you do have them with you, take them out of the car, tie them in the shade and make sure they have water. Remember. All it takes is 6 minutes.

Another thing to look out for on a hot day....put the back of your hand on the footpath/asphalt. If it's too hot for your hand - it is too hot for your dogs paws. Don't take them out for a walk in the middle of the day go early morning or later in the evening.

The RSPCA have a wonderful HEATSTROKE PREVENTION Fact sheet here. It's not just about leaving them in cars, it lists Heatstroke Signs, Heatstroke First Aid and Prevention.

Click the Pets in Summer Series Image below so you can read the information much easier. This is a wonderful infographic released by Murdoch University as part of their Pets In Summer Series: Heatstroke in Family Pets

Murdoch University Pets In Summer Heatstroke Series

Sources: RSPCA Dogs in Hot Cars: Murdoch University: Pets in Summer; Kidsafe SA Hot Cars

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