The Costs of Owning A Dog in 2017

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Poppy Labrador x Golden Retriever, Finn and Luna Samoyed x Golden Retrievers

Owning a dog - what is the financial cost?

First you need to get a dog - this can be costly in itself. If you decide to buy a dog from an Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) Breeder - that is a registered breeder - you will get a pure bred dog and one where its lineage and genetics are monitored.

Expect to pay around $2000.00 to $3000.00 Then there are the dogs that are 'designer dogs' ie labradoodles, cavoodles, groodles, schnoodles etc - these are also around $3000.00 each but do not come with genetic testing etc.

You could get a dog from somewhere like the RSPCA - or other shelters/rescues.

As a guide, the RSPCA Adoption fees are as follows: Included in their fees is desexing, microchipping, vaccinations,

Dogs - $380

Puppy (under 4 months) - $420

Senior dog (10yrs+) No fee

Also worthy to note: If you get a dog "free to good home" it won't be free really. You will have to register it, maybe desex it, vaccinate it, pay to train it etc.

Poppy Labrador x Golden Retriever

Do you know how much it costs to feed your dog per year?

Or how much it costs to feed, upkeep and actually own a dog?

I didn't. Really. Regarding his food I just bought it whenever I needed and doled it out to him on a daily basis (lucky him hey?). It was only when I was looking after another dog who ate the same food as Finn that I worked it out as it was easier for me to prepare for two instead of her owner preparing it and me storing it.

**Disclaimer - my dog is fed what I consider, a premium diet. It is, of course, MUCH cheaper to feed a dog of his size (around 32kg) on supermarket canned and dry food but the health benefits of a RAW diet he eats far outweigh the unhealthy fillers, colours, preservatives that they contain.

So here's what I worked out: I buy the 15kg bag of Vets All Natural Weightloss Mix at $159.99 per bag

Each meal, Finn gets around 250g of this mix, then the same amount of protein - either kangaroo mince, pork, veal, chicken, beef or lamb. If I work it out on the kangaroo - I buy human grade - it is $10 per kilo.

So, a 15 kilo bag = 15,000 grams. Divide that by 250grams and that equals 60 meals of Vets All Natural so for the Weightloss mix - it costs $2.66 per day. (I am soooo good at maths - not!)

For the meat component it costs $2.50 per day. The total cost of the meal is around $5.16 per day. That equates to $36.12 per week; $144.48 per month; $1733.76 per year.

Plus I get him a big bag of kibble - Meals for Mutts - 20kg - $145.00 but I only feed this to him one meal a week so I won't add it in to my totals because I have allowed for 7 meals above. (Great way to skew the results hey?) Add other items such as Turkey Necks, Chicken Frames, Goat Horns, Lamb Ribs, Sardines, Eggs and treats - well it would cost in excess of $2,000.00 per year to feed one dog that weighs approximately 30 kilos.

That's a lot.

Isn't it?

Then there are other ongoing costs of course - for example Vet costs - ie vaccinations, flea prevention. So a vet consultation is around $60. Let's work on 4 visits a year = $240.00

According to Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, vaccinations can cost the following: C3 vaccination around $60-70, C5 is around $85 – $90 and C7 can be $100. So, let's work on a total of $235.

All in one Flea/Worming treatment for 6 months is around $80.00. - I only use these products seasonally (read here - as needed) and in fact, I don't use an all-in-one but that is another story for another day.

Council Registration for a desexed dog (Bayside Rates) is $74.50 (we pay the most here in this council that any other in Victoria!)

There are items that you need for a dog but don't purchase regularly like a bed (unless you have a destructo dog then extra bad luck for you!) - approximately $150, 2 bowls - $40, Collar and Lead - $30, Brushes/Combs - $30, Toys - $50, Winter Coat - $70

Sub total: $370.00 - let's make it an even $400.00

We also can talk a little about Pet Insurance here - I went to the Bow Wow Meow website and I got a quote for my dog. One without standard consultations and one that includes accident and illness but not routine care - $712.02 per annum with an excess of $200.00

The other is $828.82, excess of $200.00 but covers routine visits as well.

I won't go into the ins and outs of what is and isn't covered as that is not the point of this article but lets add $750.00 to the total of non-standard extras

Non Standard Extras:

Maybe you do Doggy Day Care once or twice a week? $50 per day. Let's say you just do it once a week - there are 52 weeks in the year (some weeks you may do it more and some none) so let's work on 52 weeks at $50 a week - $2,600.00

Grooming - for us it is about $400 per annum

Total $3,000.00 + $750 if you insure your dog.


Food - Meals: $1,734.00

Food - Extras: $266.00

Vaccinations/Standard Vet Visits: $475.00

Flea/Worming All in One - $80 (6months)

Council Registration Fees - $75.00

Standard Extras - $400.00

(not adding the $750 pet insurance here as the vet costs without insurance doubles up)

Sub total yearly costs - $3330.00 - this is basically the minimum amount you pay per year per dog. Then there are extras:

Doggy Day Care - $2600.00

Grooming - $400.00 Training - $75.00 (if you sign up and go to Moorabbin Dog Obedience Club)

Seat Belt Harness - $25.00

Surf Dog Robe - he needs it I promise!! - $70.00

Water Bottle and Travel Bowl - $30.00

Dog Sitter (if you go away on a 10 holiday without them) - $35 per day = $350

and you know there will be a lot more extras - that cute bow tie, paying to get photos taken (mandatory in my opinion!), santa hat, reindeer ears, Bayside Dog Owners Group Bandana (will be here in time for Christmas!!)

Sub total - $3,550.00

Far out - do we really need to allow around $6,880 per dog per annum?

What are your thoughts on this? I have given myself a coronary working this all out!!!

Yes, I know - the love they give us is priceless but woah!

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