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Some fantastic news...

So, I have had some fantastic news and an amazing few days.

Recently, this blog/website was named as a Bupa Blog Award Finalist. I know, crazy right? Out of over 800 nominees, Bayside Dog Owners Group was one of the Top 30 Finalists overall and Top 5 in the Pet Section. How cool is that?

“We know that if information is coming from someone who is trusted it’s more likely to be absorbed and acted on,” says Crisp. “Our influencers have permission to speak with authority in areas that we don’t, which can help bring about positive change in people’s lives.”

Bupa’s team of bloggers throws its weight behind a range of campaigns throughout the year, but also contributes articles and videos to the health and care company’s awarded content hub, the Blue Room.

Their skills and talents are not only valued and put to good use; they’re nurtured as part of Bupa’s exclusive Influencer Program.

“Finalists will have access to free webinars, workshops and insights from those who have successfully navigated the influencer space,” says Crisp. “It’s a great opportunity for up and coming bloggers, but also for Bupa to unearth new talent.”

The Awards were held at The Circa Deck in St Kilda on Thursday night. It was a wonderful evening where I got to meet many lovely bloggers - some new to this blogging world - like me - and others who have been around the block (a few times!).

We didn't win the category but I feel we won in being recognised for our outlook in trying to get a positive message out there to not only Bayside dog owners but dog owners in general on how much dogs really do enrich our lives.

Thanks to you all for your love and support - I intend to keep forging ahead with this community and have a few projects in mind that I hope you will all enjoy.

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