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Can your dog be a Canine Blood Donor?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Weimeraner lying down

In our Facebook group today, a member put the call out for a canine blood donor. Her lovely dog was in dire straights at our local AEC (Accident Emergency Centre) and requires a life saving blood transfusion.

The response from our members was amazing and hopefully, this pooch will do ok. Because of this callout to the group, one of our members suggested we implement a list of available dogs who fit the criteria in case it was needed again. Apparently, the onus is on the CLIENT to locate a donor dog which is why the member posted to our group. This could be difficult for some people at a very stressful time so, if you are a member of our FB Group, we will hopefully get together a list of willing owners/dogs that may shorten the search process and take off some of the pressure on an already stressed owner.

I called AEC on Wickham Rd in Moorabbin and told them that our group has over 2,800 members and could be a good resource for blood donors. I found out the following:

Donor Dog Criteria

Must be aged between 2 and 7 years old (no younger but 7+ could be ok)

Minimum weight - 25kgs and up

Must be fit and healthy - not overweight

Prefer the dog to be on Heartworm prevention regime

Must have no current medical conditions

Must be fully vaccinated

What happens when your dog is a donor?

They are sedated for blood collection - not anaesthetised but sedated

They will be there for a few hours

Their neck will be clipped as the blood will be taken via their jugular

They will receive IV fluids

They will need to rest for a few days

If you are interested in helping out in this way, it is recommended you call your vet and register your dog with them.

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