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What to do if your dog goes missing

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

UPDATED 21 July, 2021

It's such a horrible feeling to lose your pet, your dog, your special family member.

It could be for one of many reasons that your dog might go missing.

  • Storms - some dogs are storm phobic

  • Loud noises

  • Someone left the door/gate open

  • Slipped its lead and ran off

  • Being looked after by someone else and it just wants to go home

  • Taken by someone

Here's a good checklist of what to do if something like this happens to your dog:

1. Search the neighbourhood where your dog was last seen, calling, whistling and asking any people that you see if they have seen them. Have a photo of the pet with you.

2. Tell your neighbours and ask them to check their yards, sheds, under the house etc.

3. Call all of your surrounding Vet Clinics to see if the dog has been taken there to have their microchip scanned. Make sure you check vet clinics further away as well.

Leave your details with every. single. one.

I have put all of the local vets in Bayside and surrounding municipalities contact details along with their opening hours in this post called Veterinary Clinics in and around Bayside.


Call your local council - Bayside Council after hours phone number is 9599 4444. Also, call the surrounding councils and log your details and the dog details. Sometimes the dog description in the pound can differ so it is good to go in and check yourself if you can.

Go on your local FB page - for us it is Bayside Dog Owners Group - and post there. If there is a community page such as the Bayside Community Hub, Highett Hub, Beaumaris Hub and Hampton, Sandringham etc post there as well. Post on local Lost and Found FB Pages.

Check and call places such as

This is where animals found within the Bayside and Kingston councils are taken if they are not microchipped/chip can't be located or their contact details are not current (go here to see how to make sure your contact details are up to date). It is another post I wrote called Microchipping and How it Works

Animals found within the Glen Eira and Monash councils are taken here if they are not microchipped/chip can't be located or their contact details are not current

Kingston Lost and Found Pets on Facebook is also well worth checking - this is an excellent source actually Lost Pet Finders Victoria is another great one to use

Up to date photos of your pet, where it was last seen and any other details that you can think of all need to be posted far and wide

More reading on what to do - microchip database updating etc go to this post called Microchipping and how it works

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