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My favourite Off Lead areas in Bayside

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I have lived in the Bayside area since 1989. For many of these years we have been lucky enough to have a dog and a cat as our family members.

Dogs are recognised around the world as being a positive influence on our well being, our community and our lives in general.

Having a dog encourages people to get out into the community and relate to others. They encourage us to be more social and to be more appreciative of our surroundings.

Here in Bayside, we are lucky enough to have wonderful outdoor areas to take our canines. In Summertime, the beaches call us.

Our personal favourite dedicated all year round off lead dog beach is the Sandringham Dog Beach - down past the Sandringham Yacht Club. Park near the SHQ Kiosk and if you don't have a Bayside Beach Parking sticker, remember to pay for parking!

What I like about this beach is the walk along the beach itself. My dog loves to swim, other dogs love running around the quite vast sand area. Be aware, though, that up near the pier there is quite a lot of black, gooey sludge (not a good look on our white dog!) and the beach often has seaweed which is a bit smelly much to the dog's delight! There's a dog poop bag dispenser near the kiosk but sometimes this is empty so bring some along with you just in case.

After your walk, the SHQ Kiosk does a delicious Chai Latte, great Coffee and yummy food. Dogs are allowed in the bottom area of the kiosk which is a bonus in extra hot weather and extra wintery weather!

My other favourite, all year round off lead beach is Brighton Dog Beach which is just off Sandown St, Brighton. This is enclosed with a fence and gets very very busy in Summer.

Other off lead beaches that we have been to and like are Dalgetty Rd, Beaumaris. Turn into the car park at Rickett's Point. Turn left and follow the dirt road all the way around to the Beaumaris Life Saving Club.

Mentone Beach - haven't been to this one but I hear good things about it.

Our most frequented off lead parks are RJ Sillitoe Reserve on Ludstone Street Hampton, Wishart Reserve in Hampton East and Royal Avenue Park, Sandringham.

RJ Sillitoe is almost completely enclosed, has dog bag dispensers at each end and bins. There is also a water bowl and tap. The drawback to this park is that it is a shared sporting ground so at times the area is restricted.

Wishart Reserve is a fully enclosed off lead park and is not a shared sporting ground. There is a dog bag dispenser and bins at the Bluff Rd end but no running water within the dog park area. Someone has taken a couple of bowls there and put them near the children's playground that can be filled up.

Royal Avenue is behind the Bayside Council buildings. This is also not a shared sportsground. There is a dog bag dispenser, bins and running water. This park is not enclosed but the children's playground is. This park is a favourite with my dog because he loves running through the bushes.

Let me know in the comments YOUR favourite off lead area.

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