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Our Pupcake day was a huge success...

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

...and apparently we had in excess of 50 dogs and twice as many people! I have no idea because I was helping Wendy man the tables selling raffle tickets and cupcakes/pupcakes.

We had two great prizes to raffle along with a good supply of Cupcakes (for the humans) and Pupcakes - for the - well it's obvious really - the pups!

Hayley from Studio Pets, Bay Rd, Sandringham donated an amazing raffle prize valued at over $350.00 and it was won by Ingrid and her gorgeous dog, Sock. Hayley sold tickets for us in her shop for a few weeks prior to our big day as well.

Hayley also donated goody bags that were handed out to most attendees. Thank you so much Hayley - your support is the major reason that we raised so much!

Here is the big prize and Sock, the winner, but she hasn't seen her prize yet as she is away in Queensland for the winter! Lucky girl!

Then there was the fabulous food/drink voucher valued at $50 donated by The Parlor, Weatherall Rd, Cheltenham. A lovely young lady called Felicity was the happy winner!

Wendy's goal was to reach $2000.00. Initially, I thought that her aspirations were too high to tell you the truth but I didn't tell her that! By the time the actual Cupcake Day rolled around, we had received just over $920 via the online donation page. I started to think - maybe we could do it - with the raffles and with asking people to donate for the pupcakes/cupcakes on the actual day. Saturday, the 2nd of September rolled around and we headed over to Wishart Reserve, Hampton East. Set up two trestle tables - one for human cupcakes/food and the other for pup food. We had lovely support from members who supplied the food - from melting moments (a huge hit) for the humans to peanut balls for the dogs. I'd like to thank Wendy, Michelle, Jess, Jenny, Jo, Leeanne, Lisa, Andrea and (me!) for all the yummy goodies!

A fabulous time was had by all - the dogs (and their humans) were so well behaved and the predicted rain held off - so lucky.

At the end of the day, Wendy, Gillian and I took the loot home and counted it. The takings from the raffles and the donations for the food came to $980.05! So, adding that to what we already had online the total came to $1906.05 - an amazing amount and oh, so close to the goal! We posted our thank you's in our group, announced the winners of the raffles AND the total. Lo and behold, other members who were not able to attend added more to the online account and, it was a bit of a dream, but as of today, we have managed to raise a whopping $2,160.41!!! How freaking cool is that?

I am so proud of our Bayside Dog Owners Group Community. So very proud. Here's a few photos from the day - taken by various members of our group.

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